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Taking Care Of Your Lash Extensions 

after your appointment 

Comb Your Lashes 

Combing your lashes helps to keep them from tangling. Brushing eyelash extensions is important to break down any pollen, dust, or makeup buildup. The mechanical brushing will break them down and brush them away from your eyes. Brushing your extensions is part of standard eyelash extension hygiene and will help minimize your chances of irritation or infection.

I recommend buying a lash brush from the GLOW shop. 

Come Regularly

Lash extension upkeep is important for optical health. Coming for lash fills helps to not only refresh your look but it also ensures your extensions are properly maintained. 

Do not pick your lashes. If you want them removed book a removal; its quick, and helps to maintain the natural eyelash integrity. 

Keep Your Lashes Clean

Please wash your lashes. You can use a lash bath at home or wash your lashes while you're washing your face. Except, when you are using an oil based cleanser keep it away from the extensions. 

Keep oils in general away from lashes. If you wear makeup I recommend you use a lash cleanser.  Avoid gel and liquid eyeliner. 

Stay away from water for 6 hours following your appointment.

Give your lashes some time to fully dry before you shower. 

Avoid Direct Heat 

Lashes are flammable. Be careful when cooking, smoking, grilling, using a blow dryer, lighting candles or any other acton where your eyes may be exposed to heat. Be mindful to keep your face back from the flames or high heat. Lash extensions will slowly start to melt and eventually the heat damage could spread to your natural lash. 

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